KJ Works Socom Review
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the slide on the top is the KJ without the trades and the other is the Marui.

Reviewed By Hakaida


The KJ Works Non-blowback SOCOM pistol is an almost exact copy of the Tokyo Marui Non-blowback gun. It doesn't come as a set with the L.A.M. like the Marui version, but it is a cheap alternative at less than $100.00.


The KJ Socom looks almost exactly like the Marui but without the trademarks. The finish of the slide is actually orange and painted black to make the blaze orange front permanent.

The silencer is made of a light weight plastic and has a barrel extension built into it rather than a foam insert. When screwing on the silencer you have to be careful not the cross-thread the silencer adapter. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN THE SILENCER OR YOU"LL DAMAGE THE SILENCER ITSELF. Just screw it on till it stops and don't go any further or you'll break the threads on the base of the silencer.

I had the privilege of holding a "Real Steel" Socom recently and I must say that the Marui AND the KJ are almost to the exact specifications. A lot lighter, but definitely almost an exact feel.


Straight out of the box, the KJ Socom is a little stiff in the trigger, but after firing a few magazines, it does loosen up a lot. Accuracy is great when using single action (the hammer is cocked back and ready for the next shot), but lacks a bit with the stiff double action trigger, but that's the same with any non-blowback gun.

From 30 ft, I was able to double action a two inch group with ten shots, but was able to do a one inch group when using single action. There wasn't much difference in accuracy with the silencer, but the difference in velocity was huge adding Over 100 f.p.s. to the gun.

With .2 gram bb's and green gas, the first 3 shots came out at 340 f.p.s. without the silencer. With the silencer, it jumps instantly to 450. A really cool thing about this gun is that it'll take the infamous RED GAS! Without the silencer it shot at 360 - 380. With the barrel extension it shot 470 - 480.


Those of you with the Marui version that have been using green gas will love this next part. As you probably know, there is a pressure relief valve at the base of the Marui magazine. If you use green gas it'll start bleeding pressure and unfortunately you'll have ruined the valve. At this point you'll have to drill it out and plug the hole.

THe KJ version doesn't have the valve. It'll take green gas, or even red gas, without bleeding pressure. These mags will work in both versions without any modifications. Another difference, but this is minor, is that you can't "pour" bb's into the magazine like the Marui version.

The only problem we did notice with the magazines is that you don't want to overload the mags with bb's. If you put too many in, it'll cause the spring to bind and won't feed. Don't load more than 20 bb's into the mag to minimize the chances of this happening.



I was actually able to inter-change slides between both versions and they both worked fine. Both versions of the silencer will also work on both guns. The Marui LAM will also fit on the KJ gun, so if you can find one you can use it. All the Nitro rails will also fit.


The KJ Socom is a great choice for anyone looking for a Hard shooting gun under $100. It shoots just as straight and harder than most guns that cost twice the price. It's a great copy of the popular Marui version. Construction could be better, but what do expect for the price.

Till next time, play safe and be responsible.



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