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AEG Spring Test


We have been getting a lot of questions about which spring will do which velocity in an AEG. We decided it was time to make things a little easier for you before you come in to get your gun modified. Using .2 g Excel bbs and a Tokyo Marui M4A1 that we modified with all the Systema upgrades that we could:

Piston: Systema Red Polycarbonate Piston

Piston Head: Systema Aluminum Piston Head / Bearings

Cylinder Head: Systema Cylinder Head

Cylinder: Systema Teflon Cylinder

Nozzle: Systema Air Nozzle

Spring Guide: Systema Area 1000 Spring Guide

Inner Barrel: KM TN 363mm 6.04mm Barrel.

Hop-Up: Systema Metal Hop-up Chamber

Chronograph: Paintball Radar Chronograph

All springs tested were in Brand new condition. Results are based on controlled indoor conditions at roughly 70 degrees F. The results are +/- 10 f.p.s. Please use this as a point of reference not as a true point of fact. The velocity in your personal gun may vary depending on age of your gun and internal parts. Power Edge Hawaii takes no responsibility for any damage or malfunctions that may occur because of any upgrades that you attempt on your AEG.


AEG Main Spring Velocity Test


1 Joule - 310 f.p.s.

M100 - 365 f.p.s.

M120 - 395 f.p.s.

M120S - 440 f.p.s.


MS90SP - 315 f.p.s.

MS100SP - 340 f.p.s.

MS110SP - 390 f.p.s.

MS120SP - 440 f.p.s.


SP85 - 313 f.p.s.

SP90 - 335 f.p.s.

SP100 - 395 f.p.s.

SP110 - 425 f.p.s.

SP120 - 440 f.p.s.


90M - 318 f.p.s.

100M - 343 f.p.s.

120M - 396 f.p.s.

130M - 422 f.p.s.

140M - 450 f.p.s.


120% - 330 f.p.s.

130% - 370 f.p.s.

140% - 380 f.p.s.

150% - 405 f.p.s.

170% - 440 f.p.s.


120% (85-95m/s) - 318f.p.s.

130% (95-110m/s) - 343 f.p.s.

140% (110-125m/s) - 430 f.p.s.

Top Power:

150% - 385 f.p.s.

170% - 415 f.p.s.

190% - 455 f.p.s.



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